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Delight your senses with Chic Fusion’s tasteful mix of wool felt and natural fibres. Modern and simplistic design merges vibrant ethnicity inspired by our South African landscape and diverse cultures. Our pieces are produced from Merino wool and Karakul sourced in South Africa.  The addition of silk and other natural fibres wonderfully transforms the felt to reveal a world of surprising and luxurious textures.

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Chic Fusion is a design and manufacturing studio that creates hand felted home decor and fashion accessories in 100% wool.  

A passion to work with natural fibres and fabrics led Razaan Jakoet, founder of Chic Fusion, to explore various feltmaking techniques. She experiments with dyes and various fibres and is constantly inspired by the South African landscape and its diverse cultures. Razaan designs all the products in the Chic Fusion range before handing over the felting to women that she trains at the studio in Woodstock, Cape Town.

Featured Work

Chic Fusion creates a contemporary edge to the ancient art of felting. The versality of wool felt is explored through design-led creation of a range of decor items and fashion accessories that respond well to the local and international market demand for fresh and innovative products.

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